Research & Development Credit Study

Research & Development Credit Study

The Research & Development Tax Credit (R&D Tax Credit) is a general business tax credit under Internal Revenue Code Section 41 for companies that incur research and development (R&D) costs in the United States.

The IRS code has broadened the definition of qualifying activities and  has made it easier to claim the credit.  The R&D Tax Credit can significantly benefit not only large and high-tech companies but small and mid-size businesses. 

Our team has extensive experience in both federal and state research credits to assist businesses claim the credit. Our R&D specialists provide clients with the necessary guidance and documentation to both claim the maximum allowable benefit but most importantly, sustain the claimed credit with the relevant taxing authorities. We conduct a thorough on-site R&D review process in phases to quickly and accurately assess if a business is a prime candidate for the R&D credit. The R&D credit remains one of the best opportunities for businesses to reduce their tax liability.

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